Meet the Team

District Nurses Team
The C18  District Nurse Team attached to this practice is  based at Strelley Health Centre. To contact a District Nurse Tel: 0300 300 3333

Health Visitors Team
The Health Visitors are based at Strelley Health Centre Tel: 8833326. (The specific Health Visitor is dependant on address)

Midwife Team
The Midwives are based at the Broxtowe Children's Centre Tel -8833368. In case of an emergency the Midwife can be contacted on 9299771.

We have other Doctors working with us in the practice, who are gaining experience of General Practice. They work with us for 4-12 months at a time and although they are known as ‘Registrars’ they are fully qualified Medical Practitioners, sharing all aspects of medical care with the Partners. Occasionally, as part of their learning, they will be videotaping some consultations. If you prefer, you do not have to have your consultation taped, and (in any event) you will always be asked for your permission beforehand.

We also occasionally teach Medical Students, but once again you will always be asked if it is acceptable for them to sit in on your consultation.

In addition to the Medical and Nursing Staff we have 16 reception and secretarial staff who, together are responsible for the day-to-day administration of the practice. They will be able to help with any queries that you may have regarding the running of the practice.

Elizabeth Mills - RGN NMC Number: 78J2199E
Julie Willson – SRN, RSCN NMC Number: 80Y2273E

Jessica Ratcliffe - BSc /Hons Adult Nursing NMC Number: 14H1319E

Melanie Hoare - BSc/Hons Adult Nursing NMC 19B0478E

Marsha Carr HCA